MOIRA Respite & Recreation Expo

Moira Respite and Rec Expo Image 2018

Published on March 6, 2018

Every year MOIRA hosts its popular Respite and Recreation expo and this year was no different. Held at the Lynbrook Community Centre on Friday 2nd March 2018, ACARES own Community Development Executive Stacey Lane and our lovely new NDIS Support Coordinator Trish Murray were happy to attend as exhibitors.

The expo was full of inquisitive parents and carers from Melbourne’s South wanting to find out more about the NDIS and how ACARES services will adapt to the NDIS plan and transition. Parents and carers were keen to know ‘what do we do’, ‘how are we different’ and ‘how are we flexible with supports’ given the current climate and abundance of support options available. Stacey enjoyed advising parents and providers alike of ACARES comprehensive service, and ability to go the extra mile when supporting participants and their families. Whilst Stacey discussed ACARES services, Trish was happy to share her extensive knowledge surrounding Support Coordination in the NDIS world.

Those in attendance at the expo were able to enjoy free entry and coffee, a hot buffet lunch and massages throughout the day. On top of this visitors were also able to attend and participate in presentations on some hot topics from speakers including Debby Fraumano, Association for children with a Disability – Rethinking Respite in an NDIS Context and Amanda Roe, Leadership Plus – Advocacy and the NDIS. There was even some NDIS Q&A time with members from the NDIA.

Along with meeting some lovely new informal supports and participants, the event is always a great opportunity to bump into familiar faces and to touch base with new providers.  At ACARES we are forever seeking to quench our thirst for knowledge and striving to build new networks, whilst always remaining focused on our core values and care model.

Thanks MOIRA – all in all, a successful and resourceful expo for those seeking support!

Trish at Moira Expo

ACARES lovely NDIS Support Coordinator Trish Murray


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