New Supported Accommodation for Young People Living with Disabilities

Published on February 28, 2017

This January, Accommodation and Care Solutions (ACARES) excitedly announced their acquisition of a home for young people living with disabilities – the Beach House was one of Victoria’s first ever housing initiatives aimed at getting young people with disabilities out of nursing homes.

ACARES recently purchased and acquired the house in Victoria that cares for young people living with disabilities after the Beach House was unfortunately required to be sold by previous owners, and in turn, would have left occupants at risk of being relocated to aged care facilities or facing moving out of the place they have called home for many years.

“We see too many young people living with disabilities that have no suitable care alternatives, being put into nursing homes before their time. This can have huge impacts on their mental health and overall wellbeing and further marginalizes this group,” said Jenna Willett, Managing Director of Accommodation and Care Solutions.

It is estimated that over 7,000 young Australian’s with disabilities are forced to live in nursing homes due to a lack of suitable accommodation available to suit their needs.*

This newest addition to the ACARES portfolio will house young people living with disabilities, with the medium age of clients being 35 years.

Ms. Willett continued, “It is a huge issue in our society as these young people need quality high care provision but are faced with no other option than to depend on aged care facilities, where they receive the same care as someone 50+ years their senior in some cases.”

“ACARES is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality standards in care across the board, and this new addition to our housing portfolio will be no different,” said Ms. Willett.

ACARES services extend to accommodation & respite, attendant care, rehabilitation & therapy support, case management and NDIS planning.

Ms. Willett added, “We are excited to have saved over 20 jobs with this takeover and will be providing these young people with a stable home amongst a community of people that have become their trusted friends and family. We also promise no disruption to their daily routine as it will be a seamless transition for clients.”

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