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Published on June 24, 2017

Younger People with Very High & Complex Care Needs Conference

The Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel was home to this years’ event which aimed to provide a forum for discussion as to how we can ensure that young people, under 65 years of age with very high & complex care needs, have greater choice and control in terms of their support and accommodation options. The 5th annual Younger People with Very High and Complex Care Needs Conference brought together state disability services and health representatives, care and accommodation providers, key national bodies and researchers over a two day period.

Given ACARES vast experience in empowering clients within the field of supported accommodation, our Managing Director and Founder Jan Willett was asked to be one of the guest speakers. For years Jan has been a passionate advocate of alternate forms of accommodation for young people with disabilities who wish to reside in the wider community. At the conference Jan spoke of ACARES model of supported accommodation, which has operated for well over 10 years, fulfilling her vision for a “normal house, on a normal street”. Through dedication and hard work, Jan and her team have opened a number of houses catering to individual needs and the benefits clients have experienced over time has not gone unnoticed.

It is no secret that when people are in engaged support which is constructive, consistent, collaborative, cohesive and respectful, they are more likely to achieve success in their life choice and aspirations. For the individuals residing in ACARES “new world” accommodation, with others their own age, having family and friends close by, and simply being able to live a life they chose, greater outcomes have been achieved in comparison to if they were forced into residential aged care facilities.

Complex Care Conference

Other guest speakers at the conference discussed getting support models right in the world of the NDIS/health disability interface, the benefits of early intervention in addition to various case studies such as collaboration in QLD.

Overall it was a great conference and one that we look forward to attending next year. Should you wish to join us, visit the conference page and subscribe to their news and events.

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