Quality & Industry Accreditation

Accreditation at ACARES

At ACARES we take pride in participating in various community health accreditation schemes as we care about ‘people’ and aim to provide the highest level of quality in all services provided. Over the years of delivering a high level of care to individuals in the community, we have developed a series professional standards, policies and procedures that guide our day-to-day operations. This, accompanied with a dedicated level of service displayed by our staff, have been instrumental in contributing to the achievement of successful accreditation against the following standards:

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Our Commitment

ACARES strives to not only meet, but to exceed client expectations through the delivery of quality services. As part of our dedication to delivering quality services, all staff employed at ACARES will work tirelessly to achieve continuous improvement to maximise the benefit to clients and all stakeholders. As an organisation we are committed to:

  • Providing high quality care and service for clients across all services by continually applying quality principles.
  • Ensuring compliance with all State and Federal Legislation, Acts, Agreements, Codes of Practice and Regulations.
  • Providing on-going measures to assess the quality of existing services and identify strategies/implement strategies for continuous improvement.
  • Incorporating staff and client feedback, through regular consultation, into the development of new policies and procedures.
  • Being flexible in responding to the changing needs of clients, their families and staff.
  • Providing quality training and development opportunities to all staff members.
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement amongst all staff ensuring staff strive to achieve best practice.
  • Maintaining a safe and enjoyable work environment.

Should you wish to provide us with any feedback on how we could improve our services or our communication with you, please do not hesitate share your thoughts.

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