Do you provide services in my area?

ACARES currently provides support in Victoria, New South Wales and SE Queensland.

Do you have a wait list?

The wait list may depend on the support required and whether the request is for accommodation or in home care. It is best to call us on 1300 303 770 to find out more.

How long will the referral process take?

We will ensure the intake process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Once the initial enquiry is made a Manager will meet with yourself, your family and any therapists involved in your program to understand more about your needs. Once the meeting and relevant paperwork is complete we can commence support straight away.

What are the costs involved?

At ACARES we tailor your program to your individual needs and will ascertain the cost associated with the required level of care. It is best to call our friendly intake team for an obligation-free assessment.

Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral to our services, from family members through to therapists.

Can I choose which support workers will be on my program?

Absolutely, our programs are focused entirely on client choice. Client input in the selection of support workers is encouraged.

Can I complain if I am not happy with the service or support workers?

We welcome all feedback and encourage clients to report both positive and negative experiences, including issues regarding support workers. It is important that individuals are happy with their program and they have the right to complain if their expectations are not met.


Is the question you were thinking of not listed here? If so, call us on 1300 303 770 for a friendly chat or send us an email via our contact us page.

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