What do people think of ACARES service?

“It’s the best organisation I have had in 9 years this is due to a combination of the support staff and the agency. The Communication is so great I can get in contact in 24 hours a day 7 days a week and speak with someone or my coordinator-   it’s incredible  I have not had this before”
– Justin, service user

“A.C.S. is a misnomer. It should be called A.C.E.S. as most of the people who work there are aces at helping their clients. I would have to put them at the top of the three care agencies I’ve been involved with”
– Owen, service user

“Everyone is happy and always there for me”
– Theresia, Support Worker

“Care staff are funny and very caring. They always put the client first – ensure I feel comfortable, and respect my privacy”
– Allan, service user

“The professionalism of the coordinators and my fellow support staff makes for a great working environment.  I love working with people and I find my job very rewarding very”
– Robert, Support Worker

“This agency really understands how to deliver client centred care and support. They also provide a competent and consistent contact person for health services needing to access information and options for their patients”
– Hospital Social Worker

I am locked in (unable to speak) and wheelchair bound so the thought of changing service providers left a knot in my stomach but the team at ACAREs made the transition easy. Their staff were in constant contact and my confidence bloomed with them. The staff are pleasantly capable and have made the whole process of moving a step in the right direction”

– Rachael, service user 

“I think the office staff are really incredibly friendly and so easy to talk to. Generally I take awhile to warm up to people and Accommodation and Care Solutions have made it easy, I feel like I’ve known them all for ages”
– Margaret, mother of service user

“(ACARES staff) go well above and eyond what their job descriptions is… I trust both of them completely. I don’t know what I would do without them””
– Gabby, wife of service user

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